Hammond, La.- Spring Break is one of the most important weeks for some college students, and for others it is just a week to relax. For those who take it seriously and look forward to it, usually go to the beach in either Alabama or Florida.

According to the Chicago…


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Tristen Sclafini, Interviewer

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Zoom Helps Small Business Hire New Employees During Pandemic

Madisonville, LA (April 13, 2021) Orlando’s Seafood Restaurant, a small family owned business in Madisonville, Louisiana, has gotten pretty creative when it comes to hiring new employees during the pandemic…

Hammond, La. — Fashion, a huge part of high school for students but not so much in college anymore? Students in colleges today prefer more comfortable clothing more than more fashionable clothing in classes these days than ever before. …

(HAMMOND, La.) Students around Southeastern Louisiana University are finding themselves not coming to campus as much as they did in Fall semester 2019, the semester before coronavirus was not as real as it is now.

With the COVID-19 virus being so dangerous and unknown, students have been taking most of…

Tristen Sclafini

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