How is COVID-19 affecting campus life at Southeastern Louisiana University?

(HAMMOND, La.) Students around Southeastern Louisiana University are finding themselves not coming to campus as much as they did in Fall semester 2019, the semester before coronavirus was not as real as it is now.

With the COVID-19 virus being so dangerous and unknown, students have been taking most of their courses online to ensure their safety as well as their fellow classmates’ safety. However, there are some hybrid courses where some students show up to campus every other class and are online the rest of the days.

The reality is, many students are taking online and hybrid courses rather than come to campus. Although before COVID-19, more students actually went to campus to go to class rather than turn on a camera. The other reality is, some students enjoy online classes more than going to campus, but people also would rather go to campus instead of online classes.

Sophomore Matthew Coates said, “Before the pandemic, I came to campus every day. Now I have three classes online and two hybrid classes. Staying at home for class brings my mood down drastically because of how fun campus used to be after class.”

This behavior is not just from one person but is common with other people around campus. Some students would much rather go to campus to learn and to socialize to increase their mood or morale.

Sophomore Dakota Wilson said, “I came to campus every day before the pandemic, I enjoyed the population of the campus. Today, I still come to campus every day for class, but it is not the same. It is not as populated and it makes me think of all the memories. As for the way I am feeling, I feel alright as long as everyone is staying safe.”

Although these students are having a less than amazing time in online courses it does not mean there are not students who enjoy online courses more than on-campus courses. Even though there is a correlation between low morale or bad mood due to not coming to campus as much, this may not apply to all students.